Our dogs names’ are Rowdy and Indy, as in Independent skateboard trucks, and we figured their names were appropriate for the title of our beer review blog because we are here to have some fun and we owe our allegiance to no one. We enjoy beer and we like to write. We also are interested in thoughtfully sampling as much of the wild world of beer as we can – within moderation, of course, you can’t consider a beer thoughtfully if you are pounding it or drinking a wheelbarrow full of them.

We started this blog because we were frustrated with other brew reviews. Other sites either described the same beer as both “thick” and “thin” as well as “dark” and “clear” or, if they weren’t riddled with contradictory claims, they assumed arrogantly that their readers already knew the nitty gritty differences between India Pale Ale and a Belgian blond. In short, we never found what we were looking for so in the best hardcore punk rock DIY tradition, we decided to do something about it: we started this blog. And we hope you enjoy the fruits – the hops – of our labor.


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  1. Robert on

    Thanks for your review on Dog Days Ale. Just curious, can you confirm where you got the 4.1% ABV? It should be 4.7%. Just thought we’d let you know. Also, would you like to be on our monthly newsletter distribution list? We’d be happy to add you if you want to give an email address with which we can update our distribution.

    From Robert at Red Brick

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